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Unexpected Output while processing AJAX request


The following error can sometimes come up on the Site Administration menu (depending on your Mood...

Update Frontpage Summary


You might have the need to update the Moodle front page summary through the database rather than ...

Run a scheduled task immediately


To run a scheduled task immediately, navigate to: Site administration, Server, Scheduled Tasks...

List of Plugins


There's a simple way to get a list of all the plugins on your site. You can use the mdl_config_pl...

Language Pack Cache


You can purge the language pack cache through the Cache Administration page. Simply find the Lang...

Server Environment Checks


The server environment page is a really useful page for checking the health of your server softwa...

Cache Administration


You can now manage all Moodle caches from Cache Administration navigation: Site administration...

Unix Timestamps


As you start developing in Moodle you'll quickly find that Unix timestamps are used everywhere in...

Turn off Javascript Caching


When developing in Moodle, Javascript caching can be a real pain as you generally need to purge c...

Debug Values


The following is a list of the numeric values to set the value of the debug field (either through...



Welcome to the Moodle Wiki, where you can find all kinds of useful information related to Moodle ...

Force Password Change


Force password change is set in the mdl_user_preferences table with the value auth_forcepasswordc...

Front Page Course


The moodle front page is actually a course has the reserved course ID of 1. So you can update thi...

XMLDB constants


Moodle uses XMLDB as an abstraction layer to support multiple database platforms and schema chang...

Set the Default Date on the Moodle Date Picker


You can set the default date on the Moodle Date Picker using the setDefault method for example: ...

Moodle Versions in Git


All versions of Moodle are appropriately tagged in the Moodle git repository (git://git.moodle.or...

Login Page Instructions


The instructions that appear on the Moodle login page are stored in the Moodle configuration prop...

Compare strings by case


Here’s one method of comparing strings by case in MySQL. You can use the md5 function to hash the...

MNET public key


All MNET host keys are stored in the table: mdl_mnet_host. The id of the local MNET host key (yo...

Adding Navigation to a Local Plugin


Here's how to add your local plugin to the following navigation through the settings.php file: ...

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