Update Frontpage Summary

You might have the need to update the Moodle front page summary through the database rather than through the UI. For example you might get an error editing the summary after a clone, or you might want to script the cloning process and change the frontpage text through the database.

Here are the steps:

  • Update the moodle course sections summary field for the relevant course and summary (you might need to find these first) for your frontpage. The course ID is more than likely 1 for your frontpage, but you’ll need to confirm this. You can find the section id by looking at the URL that is used to edit the section (e.g. https://<>/course/editsection.php?id=xxx).
update mdl_course_sections 
set summary = 'Your text/HTML' 
where course = x 
and section = y;

You’ll probably find that even after you purge the moodle cache this doesn’t take effect. You’ll need to also clear your course section cache with the following SQL (note this largely applies to older versions of Moodle < 3.2).

update mdl_course set sectioncache = '' 
where id = x;
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