Environment Requirements

Moodle environment requirements are defined in the file admin/environment.xml.

For each major Moodle version this defines things like:

  • Minimum database versions for each platform (MySQL, MariaDB, PostGreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle)
  • Minimum PHP version
  • Required and optional PHP extensions (e.g. curl, openssl, mbstring etc) including the plugins that might require them.
  • Required and optional PHP settings (e.g. memory_limit, file_uploads, opcache.enable etc)
  • Any custom checks usually defined in lib/upgradelib.php such as check_database_storage_engine and check_database_tables_row_format

These are the checks you see when you perform an install or upgrade and are available in the server environment page under:

Site administration > Server > Environment

As this file is in the git repository, you can query its log in the master branch to see the latest updates to the file i.e.

(master)$ git log admin/environment.xml
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