Turn off Javascript Caching

When developing in Moodle, Javascript caching can be a real pain as you generally need to purge caches & reload the page to get the javascript to refresh.

There’s an easy way to turn it off though:

Site Administration > Appearance > AJAX and Javascript

Cache Javascript (cachejs) which is set to YES by default. Turn this off.

You can also find and update the cachejs entry in the mdl_config table or set it in the config.php file. Just remember to purge your cache to ensure it takes effect.

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#1    Deleted User commented 2 years ago •  Updated 2 years ago by Deleted User

Turning off cache javascript works Menus and dropdown come right back, but some plugins like Google Meet for Moodle do not work unless Cached Javascript it pruned to "yes". I have removed as many plugins as I could to find out if I had a case, but nada. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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