Disk Usage by Course

The following query provides a summary of the disk space usage (in bytes) and number of files used by each course in the system from the mdl_files meta table for the data directory / file store.

This is just for the space used in the data directory (not the database) but that is usually where most of the disk usage happens (e.g. multimedia resources associated with the course).

    c.fullname as course_full_name,
    c.shortname as course_short_name,
    sum(f.filesize) as size_in_bytes,
    sum(case when (f.filesize > 0) then 1 else 0 end) as number_of_files
    mdl_files f inner join mdl_context x
    on f.contextid =
    and x.contextlevel = 50
    inner join mdl_course c
    on = x.instanceid
group by 
    f.contextid, x.instanceid
order by 
    sum(filesize) desc
NOTE: context level 50 refers to courses.
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