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Custom Email Signup Registration Form


You can modify the custom auth/email signup registration page with the following steps (note this...

Unknown Error Upgrading Plugin to Version


If you are getting an error like this when attempting to upgrade a plugin: !!! Unknown error upg...

Disk Usage by Course


The following query provides a summary of the disk space usage (in bytes) and number of files use...

Email Settings on Test and Development


There are a number of settings provided by Moodle for test and development environments specifica...

Set User IDs that will always see debug messages


There’s a handy feature in Moodle configuration called $CFG->debugusers = '<moodle_user_ids...

Resetting a User's Password


If you have access to the Moodle application server, you can use the admin/cli/reset_password.php...

Replacing strings in the database


There is a tool provided with Moodle to replace strings in your database with another value. This...

Site Stuck at Upgrade


If you encounter the following: !!! Site is being upgraded, please retry later. !!! This in...

XMLDB Editor and Reserved Names


One (of the many) good reasons to use the XMLDB editor in Moodle rather than hacking the db/insta...

Scheduled Tasks: A lock was created but not released


Schedule tasks can use two types of locks: Database locks — lock_db table File locks — dirroot...

Query the Grade Scale Value


Grade scales are stored in the mdl_scale table, however they are stored as a comma-separated list...

Be careful with backups of config.php


One big security hole that is all too common with Moodle is to take a backup of the config.php fi...

Can’t create a new XMLDB file


The Moodle XMLDB plugin does some checks of the db/ folder in your plugin to ensure it has read/w...

Make a Select Form Field Required


When adding a form rule for select (or multiple select) fields, these need to be applied on the c...

Getting the Moodle Base/Root Directory


The moodle root directory $CFG->dirroot is established in the file lib/setup.php along with ot...

Debug SQL generated by $DB methods


A handy debugging tip, if you need to debug the SQL generated by any of the $DB methods (see DML ...

Dates before Unix Epoch


If you use a custom user profile field with a date and want to store a date that falls before Uni...

Move the Download Options Below a Table


If you are working with flexibile tables (lib/tablelib.php) in Moodle and have table download ena...

Plugin Dependencies


Plugin dependencies can be added using the $plugin->dependencies attribute in version.php. Th...

Overriding PHP Settings


There are a few ways to override global PHP (php.ini) settings with local settings. For example y...

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